Rules & Regulations


First 30 Days of Residence: 9pm Weekdays | 10pm Weekends
31 Days to 60 Days of Residence: 10pm Weekdays | 11pm Weekends
61 Days till End of Residence: 11pm Weekdays | 12pm Weekends

If for any reason a resident needs an extension on their curfew they MUST contact the President for permission. If a resident does not ask permission and stays out past curfew – it is grounds for expulsion. Officers have the right to change an individual’s curfew for safety reasons, probationary status or other reasons considered necessary with an 80% majority vote.


You are not allowed to remove or move any of the furniture of fixings from the house or from room to room without permission. Personal property will be disposed of after 10 days of discharge, if not collected prior.


B House Sober Living reserves the right to inspect and/or search all living spaces, including but not
limited to bedrooms, common areas and vehicles for contraband; in order to maintain the wellbeing
of all residents of the household. B House Sober Living officers conduct random searches through
physical inspection and observation as well as K-9 inspections. B House Sober Living reserves the
right to confiscate, dispose or report to authorities contraband items found in these inspections/
searches. Contraband includes but is not limited too; drug paraphernalia, drugs and/or alcohol,
pornography, prescription medications and weapons.


Prescription narcotic medications are not permitted at B House Sober Living. All other medications
are allowed only if they are prescribed to you by a doctor and are taken as prescribed. Medications
are not shared with any other resident of the house. Residents are responsible for taking their own
medications. Residents must inform the acting President of all medications prescribed upon intake.


If a resident has 90 days of membership, they are permitted to stay out overnight once a month.
Hard copy applications should be handed into the President.

Form must be reviewed and approved by officers.

The request will then be sent to the office for final approval.

General Rules

Any damage to the physical residence and/or operating systems of residence caused by negligence of residents will be charged and divided amongst residents currently living on premise.

  • Zero Tolerance for drug, alcohol or mind altering substance use. (No engaging in illegal substance
    manufacturing, possession and/or distribution will be tolerated) Residents will remain clean, sober and honest. Failure to maintain sobriety will result in immediate expulsion from property.
  • Zero Tolerance for abusive behavior, threats of violence, obscene gestures or verbal/ physical
    confrontations with any resident or staff.
  • Zero Tolerance for destruction of B House Sober Living or other residents property. This includes
    improper use of toiletries such as tampons, baby wipes and other non flushable items. If a resident is
    caught using these items and flushing them down the toilet it is an automatic $300 fine. If damage
    happens to the residence, damage costs will be billed to the person who caused the damage or will be split among all house members.
  • Zero Tolerance for sexual activity between residents.

Any resident prescribed medications must inform the acting President, all medication must be
approved. All medications must be taken as prescribed.

As a member of the recovery community, based on principles of honesty, trust and integrity, you are a part of creating a safe sober environment. We request that if a resident sees another resident violate rules to please report these violations to the President immediately. If violation goes unreported, you will be considered guilty by association.

  • Residents should make contact with their designated Recovery Coaches – available by request.
  • Smoking is not permitted inside the residence. Porch and outdoor area ash trays must be used at all times and cleaned regularly.
  • All new residents will have a 30 day blackout period; 9 PM curfew (Unless work obligations).
  • When a drug test is requested from a resident, the resident must take the test immediately without leaving the sight of the administrating officer.

Guests are only allowed during visiting hours and never allowed into bedrooms. Visiting hours are 10AM-10PM from Sunday-Thursday, 10AM-11PM Friday and Saturday.

  • If visitors are engaging in dangerous behaviors such as use or sale of illicit substances, they can be asked to leave the property.
  • Residents must complete daily chores by 8 PM.
  • Residents must be awake by no later than 9 AM on weekdays, 12 PM on weekends.
  • Residents must attend and participate in the House meeting deemed per house
  • Residents must check in and out of the house.
  • Residents must participate in daily chores.
  • Must find employment within 14 days or be enrolled in school or volunteering.
  • Residents will refrain from engaging in gambleing activities
  • Residents understand that pornographic materials are not allowed in residences this includes but is not limited too internet pornography, magazines, video materials, ect.
  • Computers and other electronics are allowed at B House Sober Living. Residents must understand they must conduct activities on these devices appropriately and that B House Sober Living officers can inspect these devices at any time.

Must pass urine screening upon arrival.