Leadership Structure


For a B House to run successfully on a democratic basis, it must have certain elected officers. It is part of the B House tradition to make sure that officers do not become so entrenched that other members of the house do not have an equal voice in its management. Therefore, no officer shall serve longer than six months in the same office for one continuous period of time. All Houses generally have the following elected officers:
  • President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Comptroller
  • Coordinator
The election of both a treasurer and controller emphasizes the importance each CFC Recovery House places on money management. The two officers are able to divide rent collection and help each other with the payment of bills. Houses elect a “Coordinator” to help schedule daily and weekly work details to keep the house clean – inside and outside. The election of officers is necessary because they provide the leadership for the House to work well. The officers can serve continuously for only six months in any particular office, i.e. after an intervening six-month period an individual can be re- elected to an office in which he or she has already served.

Weekly House Meetings

It is important to have a House meeting at least once a week. Each house will find the particular

hour or half-hour, which is the most convenient for the majority of its residing members.

A meeting should be used to:

  • Report on the current financial status of the House
  • Consider new applications for membership
  • Resolve any problem affecting members in the House
  • Resolve general complaints about maintenance of the House
  • Consider proposals or projects to be undertaken by the House